Oct-Feb Update

Hello everyone, this is probably the longest time I’ve spent without writing an update for over 8 years… that probably gives an indication of how hectic life has been these past few months (I even face-planted the ground a couple of weeks ago because of rushing!). This is largely due to juggling my masters degree, work and having a long distance relationship. From sept-jan I was also busy running a Recovery Course at church, for people with addictions. I think overall it went well and it definitely helped a few people in their journeys out of recovery. I also loved spending Christmas in Tenerife with my family and getting some winter sun.

This term I preached a couple of times and the church had day focusing on overseas mission, Robby came and shared about life in Uganda. He leads Jenga, which is one of the organisations I’m planning to take a team to visit in August. There’s currently 4 of us going, but we really need one more personto make it a viable trip. Africa changed my life and I’m excited for this opportunity to engage others in coming too. If you are interested in coming or know anyone who may be interested please let me know 😊It’s a 2 week trip, but it is possible to come for a shorter time.

My church are running Alpha this term, I’m a table leader which I’m really enjoying (it’s a Course for people asking big questions about faith, life and the bible). I’ve just come back from a trip to South Africa. I’ve really enjoyed attending a ‘Global Summit’ with J-Life who focus on disciple-making-movements (they are the 2nd organisation the team will be visiting in August). I really enjoyed the worship times with leaders from across Africa, made some new friends, enjoyed the sunshine and I’m excited to share their vision with the church. They want to raise up 2000 leaders across Africa by 2030. I also took a few days holiday so I was able to go surfing, visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, stroke a cheetah and see penguins on the beach! It’s been a very special time and I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunity to visit such a beautiful country.

Thanks for reading,
Love and hugs,

Rachel X 
Prayer Please

– At least one more person to join the Uganda trip
– Good rest (South Africa was amazing but very busy!)
– That I’ll learn not to rush
– God’s blessing over J-Life
Ladies at J-Life
J-Life Global Summit