Wiltshire Police would like to introduce a number of their officers and staff to the community of Highworth and the surrounding villages.

In 2016 Wiltshire Police switched across to the Community Policing Team(CPT) Model which removed areas where previously there had been ‘silo’ departments and saw officers and staff begin to work together in a one team approach with Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and Local Crime Investigators all working together in order to prevent and detect crime and keep the communities of Wiltshire safe.

What has this meant for Highworth and the surrounding villages? There are still identifiable officers who cover 24/7 policing but with a focus on the area, with 5 allocated police officers and 2 PCSOs who are all committed to tackling the local issues. In March 2019 Acting Police Sergeant James Rodrigues took the lead role in relation to providing a response to the community needs of Highworth and the surrounding villages by working together with the Police Officers, PCSOs and the local Community Co-ordinator from the North Swindon CPT. He has been working closely with Community Co-ordinator PCSO Tom Fryszka, PCSO Morgan Kelly and PCSO Gemma Lishman in order to look after the community and ensure that the Police Officers aligned to Highworth are deployed effectively to tackle any ongoing issues.
A/PS Rodrigues has been a Police Officer with Wiltshire Police for nearly 5 years, prior to that he worked for Wiltshire Police in their Control Room at the Devizes Headquarters and also volunteered as a SpecialConstable in his spare time. During his time as a Police Officer James has been a response officer before the Community Policing Teams were implemented, an officer on the Community Tasking Team targeting the most prolific offenders within Swindon and finallya Community Policing Team officer. He has spent the entirety of his service as a front line Police Officer based in Swindon. Prior to that he worked in Warminster and Trowbridge as a Special Constable so understands the demands of a more rural setting.

PCSO Tom Fryszka started back in 2004 as a Special Constable whilst studying Public Services at Cirencester College, in 2006 he joined as a Police Community Support Officer and for the past 2 years has been secondedin the role of Community Coordinator. The role of Community Coordinator was formed as part of the new CPT model and initially open to only Police Officers, this role involves identifying medium and long term issues, working with partner agencies and CommunityPolicing Team colleagues to provide a problem solving approach to such issues. Tom is keen to utilise his 13 years’ experience of being a PCSO to help address community concerns within Highworth and the rural villages.
PCSO Morgan Kelly has been a Police Community Support Officer for just over two years now, the majority of which has been spent working in Highworth and the surrounding villages. Before joining the Police he workedin several roles ranging from retail, warehousing and ground maintenance. He is keen on getting to know other members of the community that he has not yet met in order to gain an understanding of what concerns or issues there may be within the communitieshe serves.

PCSO Gemma Lishman has been a Police Community Support Officer for 3 years, similarly to Morgan she has primarily served Highworth for the majority of her service. Up until recently she was our cadet leader whereshe gave her time to work closely with boys and girls between the ages of 13-18 years old, teaching them the core values and behaviours of Wiltshire Police.

Whilst you can see James, Tom, Morgan and Gemma pictured it is worth remembering that there are a further 5 officers who work in Highworth routinely and they are always happy for you to stop them and speak with them.