A message from Keith Smith
Hi All
Can you put this out to any of your contacts please.
I have spoken with Kathryn at the Bridge today.  We are both of the opinion that helping people who are isolating has to be very localised.  ‘Love your neighbour’.  I have arranged for ‘help’ cards to be distributed around the town, including the Bridge, the Visitors Centre. The library, the council offices.
The message is:   If you know someone who might need help take a card write your details and give it to them.  The Bridge has kindly offered their telephone number for contact.  Mornings only I am afraid.
There are all sorts of caveats that I do not want to go into.  But this is an exercise in trust and neighbourliness.  
I am sure we can get through this dilemma  and hopefully come out the other side with more care and compassion for those less fortunate.