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Highworth Warneford School

Dear Friends of Highworth -

I am head of music at Warneford School and we are on the hunt for musical instruments that could be donated to the schools music department.

We will accept anything but, in particular, we are looking for brass, string and woodwind instruments.

We will, also, be very grateful for
guitars, drum kits, electronic keyboards and anything else that would be of use to the schools music department.

Thank you for your consideration of this.

James Hanson

Head of Music
Highworth Warneford School

Highworth Westrop Primary School

We would like to recruit some school governors from the local community. Governors are lay people who have an interest in the role of schools in Swindon and wish to make a positive contribution to their communities. We are looking for those of you who have enquiring minds and have the ability to contribute to debate and planning and the confidence to ask the questions that need to be asked. We would love to have people who have skills in:

Health and Safety
Premises Management

However, don’t be put off by thinking that you have to have these specialist expertise or knowledge. Enthusiasm and interest is much more important to start with and there is tried and tested training and support available to help you throughout the four years term of office. If you would like to know more please contact the Clerk (Heather Large) at

Thank you very much indeed.

Kind Regards

Heather Large