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The Podium Development Group
Highworth Town Council has received advice that the Podium in the Market Square is in need of urgent maintenance and rebuilding.
This is primarily due to the damage being inflicted by the London Plane tree on both the surface and the outer walls due to its immense growth. As a result, the Council has set up a group of Councillors, The Podium Development Group, to address the problem.
The Group is charged with consulting residents for their ideas as to how this re-development should be carried out and what ideas they would like to see incorporated in that re-development.

At the Council’s disposal is monies written into the Section 106 agreement between Taylor Wimpey and Swindon Borough Council from their development at Fitzgerold Avenue in Highworth. This agreement stipulated that the monies raised by this agreement were to be principally used for projects in Highworth. Initial thoughts are that the tree most likely will have to come out as it has a growth rate that is unmanageable in such a small area and we are advised that it was an inappropriate choice of tree for that site.

It is essential that residents be given every chance to express their views on this matter and also on what should go on the Podium. Do they have views on the tree removal, if necessary, and do they have views either on its replacement or what other items should replace it?

The Group requires comments and views to be submitted by 1st December 2016. These should either be emailed to or sent or handed into the Council Offices.
Highworth Town Council

Comments and views can also be left at Highworth Physiotherapy Clinic at 13 High Street and can also be sent in via the Highworth LINK.

 All comments will be passed to the council.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation!

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