The Highworth Produce and Craft Show  8th September 2018

How differently we experience the passing of time. For some, with few demands in their day, it can seem nearly endless.  For others there’s just not enough of it in the day for all they hope to do.  Maybe the weather makes a difference too.  We may feel that we have been cooped up indoors by bad weather for the past weeks and there is no pressing need to be outside working in the garden when it’s cold and grey.

I hope, as you read this, that these times are passing. A little warmth and some sunshine do help most people to feel more energetic and hopeful.  If you are gardeners you will know that time speeds up appreciably in the Spring.  The optimum times for preparation and sowing of both flower and vegetable seeds are suddenly upon us and pass all too quickly.  Miss the moment and it never seems possible to catch up.

So I am hopeful that I can encourage you to turn your thoughts to entries for the Highworth Produce Show in September.  As you begin your gardening, give a thought to what you might grow to enter in the show.  It’s the right time now to plan ahead for a prize-winning crop, be it flower, fruit or vegetable.

When it comes to craft entries for our show there’s no question of missing the moment but it might be a good idea to plan ahead at this time. If you have a skill or a hobby that you enjoy, why not get an entry ready for the Show?  In the Summer there are often more calls on our time and it would be good to have something ready to enter when the time comes.

Photographers can always be on the look-out for the perfect shot to enter.  Subjects for this year’s show are: Doors, Urban Spaces and Orange.

If you have a look at the website at and at Highworth Link’s Facebook page you can keep up to date with all the various classes in the Show.  Both adults and  children are very welcome and will find a class for their own particular skill or interest.  Just don’t  let time slip away from you, now that Summer is not far away!

The Highworth Produce and Craft Show  8th September 2018

Looking back over articles for the Highworth Produce Show one constant theme seems to be the strange behaviour of our weather. This Spring will be remembered as one of the most difficult for gardeners.  We had some very hot weather, quickly followed by biting winds and cold. Yet despite what seemed to be extremely adverse conditions, the garden is full of growth; green and luxuriant. Timing may be rather erratic but plants are growing and flowers and fruit are now developing.

So let me remind you of the harvest that will surely come in September. Please keep some of your produce for the Show. People love to see what can be grown in our local gardens and you may even go home with a prize to crown your hard work.

Both adults and children could now begin to make items for the craft classes. It’s good to have an entry all ready to go. We are asking you to make your own Christmas decorations and this may well need a little lateral thinking at this time of year!

Photographers can take any opportunity to discover an original shot. This year’s subjects are ‘ Doors’,  ‘Urban Space’ and ‘Orange’. For juniors the subject is ‘Wheels’. There is a lot of scope here and it will be interesting to see how these titles are interpreted.

For cooks there are also some new classes to try. This year we are asking you to make your own recipe fruit pie and fruit cake. Everyone has their own favourite recipes and now could be the time to bring them out. Gingerbread is always welcome and that’s what the men are being asked to bake this year.

Our website is well worth a visit and gives details of all the classes in this year’s show. The address is . Or have a look at Highworth Link’s Facebook page. Printed schedules can be picked up at the Lighthouse book shop, the Library and the Council Offices.

So do have a go this year and put your entry into the show. Children, too, are very welcome and those who win a class take a home a £5.00 prize.

As a competitor or visitor you will be equally welcome at the show. This is a Highworth community event for all the family so do come along and enjoy yourself and have a home made cake and cup of tea with us