Rachel is serving with YWAM on an island in Lake Victoria, Uganda. She is involved with church ministry, evangelism, learning Luganda, a craft project and teaching in the primary school. If you are interested in receiving her monthly updates please email her at racheldismorr@icloud.com"


 June Update

Hello lovely people, thank you so much to everyone who has been staying in contact with me, for reading my updates and for supporting me whether in prayer, finances or words of encouragement. It really means a lot to me because as you can probably imagine it can get quite isolated being on an island in Lake Victoria (and still having little language ability to communicate!). I look forward to seeing as many as you as possible during my time in the UK, I fly in next month on 13th 😊

The drama of this month is, after spending a day praying, it was dark and I saw a black snake near me on the compound. I know that snake was very dangerous so I picked up rocks and started hitting it whilst shouting for someone to come and help! The nurse came out and also threw rocks at it, thankfully it died quickly. That evening the base leader told me she had a dream that a black snake with a white stomach bit me, when she saw the snake she said "that's the one from my dream". So I really thank God that He kept me safe and nothing has harmed me. A week later I found another snake outside my room, only this time it was smaller and brown, I called our new staff Emma & he came & killed it.

We have also had a lot of drama in our church this past month, from rumours to immoral behaviours and divisions. To serious delays in church building. The nature of the island is that many people come and go. People build temporary houses and usually don't plan to stay long because of the condition of life here. People live in what they call "camps"...mud huts often built 1-2 metres apart. Crowded conditions lead to more diseases, destructive gossiping, physical harm to animals (if a chicken enters someone's house often they'll beat it), stealing etc. There's also problems of alcoholism, domestic violence, gambling, children growing up in fear/abandoned by their father, and AIDS (due to promiscuity and polygamy). Most people don't have a toilet and therefore use a bush...so it's somehow primitive for those not used to the conditions! Those that find a better place move on, but it also means many people don't care about the environment...whether chopping down the forest, leaving rubbish everywhere or staying sanitary. To make matters worse the government and the army are increasingly making life difficult for fishermen by burning people's boats and nets and charging them for many things. This has led to a big turn over of church members even in the time I've been on the island. People we hoped to raise up as leaders have gone, then we have to start over again.

I don't want to sound overly negative so I would like to add that I have met some incredible people on the island...people that are more generous, loving, sacrificial and faith-filled than most people I know. Plus God is at work here and we have seen miracles of healings, people becoming Christians, freedom from addictions and mental health issues.

I have been using laptop to show films to the community and in church, as well as for designing a website for Ywam Lingira Island. Now it is old and the new battery only lasts around 40-45 minutes whilst playing a film. If anyone has an old laptop with good battery life that they would like to donate that would be amazing.

Love and hugs to all,

Rachel X

Prayer Please

- Thank God for protection & good dreams
- Gods continued protection
- Muslim ladies I've befriended
- Church members that want to "marry" their partners
- New midwife to feel welcomed & loved here


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