Rachel is serving with YWAM on an island in Lake Victoria, Uganda. She is involved with church ministry, evangelism, learning Luganda, a craft project and teaching in the primary school. If you are interested in receiving her monthly updates please email her at racheldismorr@icloud.com"


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February Update

Hello from hot and dry Uganda...I'm sure it's a very different experience for most of you! Some highlights of the past few weeks include going swimming and fishing with some visitors, celebrating children's day in church (they preached and led worship, shared memory verses etc), and receiving a team from the UK. We helped at a youth conference, collected maize from the garden, helped with church building and ministry. My parents are also in Uganda which is very special. They came and visited the island and we have been to Jinja and Mbale together. This weekend we are going to Sipi falls which I'm looking forward to.

More challenging things include being very sick again and having to go to the mainland twice for treatment and recover...I was diagnosed with bilharzia and food poisoning (from my luxury day out at a nearby island!). I quickly lost the weight I put on over Christmas. Random things that have happened include cockroaches eating my clothes, finding a toad in my shower and my female rabbit mounting her mate (the rabbit farm moving a lot slower than I hoped!). I have faced sin and failure around me, as well as the usual cultural frustrations. However, God has been speaking to me about responding well in these situations. I can't change what people do but I can change my reaction to them.

God has put a lot of love in my heart for this place and these people, without that I think it would be very hard to live in these conditions. I feel called here and that's why I continue through the struggles. I also love seeing the effects of ministry....with so many people becoming Christians, beginning to understand Gods love, stop drinking etc. Plus our Church member was reunited with her Kenyan family after many years. I also prayed for an old man who is Muslim and he was healed of partial deafness, he used to not be able to speak to people on the phone and now he can. It makes everything easier when I see the fruit of ministry here. I love people's spiritual openness and their awareness of the supernatural.

Love and hugs to all,

Rachel X    

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Prayer Please

- Gods grace in all situations
- Women's day at church next Sunday
- Time with my parents
- Good health