Rachel is serving with YWAM on an island in Lake Victoria, Uganda. She is involved with church ministry, evangelism, learning Luganda, a craft project and teaching in the primary school. If you are interested in receiving her monthly updates please email her at racheldismorr@icloud.com"


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May Update

Hello lovely people, I've been thinking about how sometimes God calls us to step out of our comfort zones so we depend on Him and trust Him completely. My studies have highlighted that few people would naturally choose to be away from comfort, family and friends and live in challenging circumstances. But God sometimes calls us to another people and place and gives us love for them. I've also been learning that the best ways to do community development is to use local ideas, resources and initiatives as much as possible. I interviewed 2 Muslim ladies from the Nubi tribe to learn about their tribe, background, religion etc which was interesting. Hopefully I'll see them again soon. Ive also been realising how important it is not to judge people by our own cultural standards. For example, when it rains here many children don't go to school, or they come very late. One could assume they are lazy, but in closer inspection it's because most don't have a jacket or umbrella, so they can get ill if they walk in the rain.

A few weeks back we were praying for a guy after church and some really crazy stuff started happening that I've never seen before (not good stuff!). I've also had some disturbing dreams at times which were kinda scary. A guy that became a Christian a few weeks ago told me he fears speaking to me in public because his fellow fishermen have told him that "The white girl is a devil worshipper and she wants to eat you!". Well there's a reputation I've never had before. I don't know if they actually believe that about me (due to the witchcraft and myths around), or whether they just feel threatened by me somehow and therefore made up some strange rumours. Either way I'm going to choose to love them.

We hosted a youth conference which was great, I preached about purity and performed a local dance with my friend Annet. We had times of singing, volleyball, a messy eating competition and good times of praying one-on-one. The women's craft project has slowed down as people are busy in their gardens and the ladies were divided on some issues. They decided they want to individually take their share of the profits (instead of remaining as a group), so for now they're not making anything. However, I still have a lot of their craft to sell in the U.K this summer, and an organisation is visiting the island to help them make new products.

Love and hugs to all,

Rachel X  

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