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Photography has never been easier.

When I joined the Camera Club as one of the original members in 1982 photography as a hobby was very different.  Most amateurs were printing black and white photographs in their own dark room in the loft or temporarily in the kitchen or bathroom which had to be blacked out.  It helped if you had a basic idea of chemistry and physics to deal with all the potentially dangerous chemicals.  Very few people were processing colour prints but with the upsurge of the “mini lab” it was easy to get colour prints of all sizes processed on many high streets.  Everyone was using film.

Good quality cameras were becoming relatively inexpensive.  Automatic metering was common and before long we had autofocus and the advent of the “point and shoot” compact which did everything technical for you and gave you top quality prints.  The final development was the digital camera.  Fully automatic and you could see the picture immediately.  With a reasonable computer and printer most people were able to print any size pictures at home.  The possibility of an “hour” service is even available in some supermarkets.  Many services are available “on the web.”

Judging by the entries at the annual Produce and Craft show there is a huge amount of photographic talent in the area.

The Camera Club meets at the Community Centre in The Dormers at 19.30 on the second Tuesday of every month with additional “critique” evenings every two months where a visiting judge gives opinion and advice on entered images.

Come along and join us, just turn up.  Develop your talent beyond the now very good family snaps we are all able to take.  Share ideas and get advice and direction from more experienced members.  Enter competitions.  Join in practical sessions.  Enjoy seeing pictures and listening to visiting speakers.  See your pictures enlarged, mounted and displayed.

Most people ask, “What sort of camera do I need?”  Any sort.  A full blown SLR outfit is not needed.  Point and shoot compact and even a camera on your phone will give excellent results.  Many photographers are achieving success with the more simple cameras.  The “eye” for a photograph is now more important than understanding the technical issues.  Come and exploit your artistic/creative side.

Check our web-site: highworthcameraclub.com and join us.

John Kennedy

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Highworth Camera Club

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An Invitation

At the Camera Club meeting in May, Richard Hancock LRPS, a former professional photographer, will be giving two talks of about 45 mins each.  Richard will be talking us about how he has stopped using a SLR system of cameras and lenses and now uses a simpler Fuji compact camera.  His second talk will be about a “Seaside” project which he currently working on.

The Camera Club would like to issue an invitation to the people of Highworth and surrounding area to these talks.  There will be no charge on this occasion but there will be a raffle for you to support.  You will be able to see the prints entered by members in the two monthly competitions while you enjoy some refreshments.  This will also be a great opportunity to find out more about the Camera Club.

Make a note:

Tuesday 9th May at 7.30 pm in the main hall of The Highworth Community Centre in The Dormers.

John Kennedy. (Also a Fuji compact user.)