Hi Guys - I was on my way back from a busy mission with my owner and I seemed to have lost my way home.

I can remember running down Gilberts Lane on Monday 29th Feb 2016 and falling outside the town council rooms.

I must have fallen awkwardly on my shell because no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get up!

Anyway this kind gentleman picked me up and sat me on the railings outside the block of flats.  It was so uncomfortable and not at all safe - after all I didn’t want to fall down again!  

I was feeling a little perplexed as to what I could do - but before I knew it the gentleman, seeing that I was sitting rather precariously, picked me up and  took me with him.  He told me that he worked for the Link magazine  and that his ‘by-line’ was ”Bringing the People to the People” so what  else could he do but help me.  I mean, what a great guy!  

So now I’m sitting in the Link office (in the warm) being really looked after (with tea and biscuits) and awaiting further instructions  from my owners.

Oh I know this is all a bit of an exciting adventure for me, but, if you  are missing me like I’m missing you then why not get in touch with the  Link office on 01793 861690 or advertising@highworthlink.co.uk  and you’d get to meet the great guy who helped me.  I think he said his  name was Tony.  He works mostly in the afternoon after 1pm at ‘The  Stables Studio’ which is opposite the library entrance but if he’s not  there, I will be and one of his friends will help you out.

Hope to see you soon!      



 Michelangelo is missing you  so so much.  He’s very brave  - but also very sad.

It has faringdonbeen, now over two whole years since this little chap lost his owner. My guess is that whoever it was, now has a replacement and has forgotten him.  Well, he has not forgotten his owner and would love to be re-united With him. If this is you or you know who the owner is then, please do get in touch with the LINK and we will make sure he is returned safely.  If he is yours and you no longer want to be his buddy then please let us know anyway and we will find a suitable home for him.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a picture of Ninja with his owner!!  I’m confident that it could make a lot of people very happy.

Did you know that the County Cleaners in Highworth now handle found property. So, if you’ve lost anything why not give them a try?