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Please see photos. Two are taken outside our house, sitting on the front porch and on the driveway with our Morris Minor, Jessie! We fly the Union Flag!

Two are in downtown Fishers. The one of us, by ourselves, was on the front cover of the neighbourhood magazine Living in the Falls.

We moved to Highworth in 1979 and spent 35 happy years there. We will always have fond memories of Highworth and still have very good friends living there. I still read The Link every month, online, to keep up with what's happening in the town. I like the new Podium area.

However, in 2014, we decided to move to America to be close to family. Our eldest daughter and her family live here and our youngest daughter and her family live in Australia.


We live in the state of Indiana in a retirement community where you have to be '55 or better' to live here! We enjoy living here, it is a very friendly community of like minded people who share interests and hobbies. On-site amenities offer plenty of recreation, there are always fun and engaging activities to do. We particularly like playing Mah Jongg and different card games. Roger still enjoys playing golf and doing Tai Chi. I enjoy Yoga, water aerobics, card making, very American!, and playing Bocce, to name but a few of the activities we take part in. It is a very social community which offers a very active lifestyle.

Obviously the big, and most important, bonus for us is only living 10 minutes away from our daughter and family who we regularly see. We have become very involved in all our grandchildren's' sports, rugby, baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball. Sporting activities are hugely promoted here and the facilities are amazing!

We still drive our Morris Minor, Jessie, in the warmer weather! Last year we went to several car shows and won prizes, even though her steering wheel is on the wrong side, as we are often told! Some Americans even recognise a MM! Our daughter also has her MM, Doris, here and they always get a lot of attention.

However, it did take me about 2 years to settle here as it is a very different culture! There are so many differences, too numerous to mention them all, but everyday language can be a problem as we don't use the same words! Only yesterday I spoke about using a torch but, of course, the Americans call it a flashlight so did not understand me!! Never moan about the NHS, healthcare is ridiculously expense over here and , of course, they drive on the wrong side of the road!!

I will always miss England and Highworth but it has been a worthwhile move for us and we are very happy here.

Best Wishes, Liz & Roger Briance