When I was a young girl I can remember walking up to the High Street with my mum to visit the wool shop and to pick up a bundle of beautiful yarn for mine or my brothers next jumper or cardigan. Those were amazing days, back when the High Street had an array of shops and businesses and not just a street dominated by estate agents.

These memories have never left me and I was bitten by the sewing and knitting bug at a young age! Every holiday I would find a hidden treasure of a haberdashery and I would immediately turn into a small child left in a sweet shop, the amount of fabric I would pick for all my future projects was crazy! But again I would come home and wish I had such a treasure on my door step, but instead the lovely wool shop was turned into luxury accommodation.

A chance conversation with my mum and sharing our secret dreams we both stumbled onto the same dream.....to one day run our own haberdashery! My mum was coming up to retiring and my career had changed from office worker to a stay at home mummy in need of finding something to stretch my brain cells. We pooled our savings together and created our dream and we called it Adore Haberdashery.

Our amazing haberdashery is only available online, although we would love nothing more to have our own business premises but to have premises also incurs large business rates and rents (we would also have to be able to secure the premises before another estate agent sneaks in!) which as a new businesses we would not be able to afford. We decided that the only way to get our fantastic business known to future customers would be to hold a stall at local craft fairs and markets.

After a number of months of travelling to various craft fairs , which took us far and wide, we had a brain wave....why doesn't Highworth have a monthly craft fair? After all we are a local business and with that we have created the Highworth Craft Fair. This craft fair will be a monthly event and we hope that this will be well supported by our amazing community. This fair will give those of us who are a small business a platform in which to show our products and for our community to know we are here.

Pop along and visit us, support your local small businesses and craftspeople. We would love to see you!

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Highworth Craft Fair