Why take up something new?

Mindfulness and mental well being are very much in the forefront of our way of living. One of the recommendations is to try something new to help reconnect you with your surroundings and to be more aware of your body.

As a late comer to golf I have been through the frustrations of learning something new years after leaving school and frustrations aside; have observed that the Unique Selling Points of golf are some the best kept secrets.

 You burn approximately 900 calories if you walk 18 holes

 An individual playing off a high handicap can have a match against a low handicapper because of the handicapping system

 It’s one of the few sports which 3 generations of a family can play together

 If you go on holiday in England it doesn’t matter so much if the weather isn’t suitable for sitting on a beach,

 Clubs provide a community and support network if you move to an area where you don’t know anybody.

 It keeps you active; I always think that a silhouette video of our ladies section walking along will show a group of ladies who look much younger because they have kept moving.

 There are all sorts of formats which can be adopted to introduce beginners such as Texas Scramble and Stableford

May is ‘Get into Golf’ month. We have some lovely pros who will always be ready to help you have a go either individually or in the courses they run for; Beginners, Juniors, Couples, Ladies or Families. Give them a ring on 01793 861327 and they will be only too happy to help.


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