Highworth’s Citizen of the Year 2017

 Every year, the Highworth Link and the Inter-Church Committee seeks out a noteworthy  individual who has performed an outstanding service or services or who has made exceptional  voluntary contributions to our community.

 Highworth is lucky to have a core of people who freely and continually give their time, talents  and dedication to make Highworth a better place. People who may inspire leadership and vision,  serve on committees/youth programs, lend their expertise and guidance voluntarily or who go  that extra mile to help others in times of need or crisis.

 This is your chance to recognize one of these individuals and thank him or her for the difference  they make in the lives of Highworth’s residents. Anyone with a copy of the LINK may nominate  someone who they feel meets the criteria of the award. Simply fill in the nomination form and  return it to the Lighthouse Bookshop before the end of June, or email  editorathighworthlinkg13@gmail.com.

 You can also, for one month only, use the ‘contacts us’ page on the LINK website.

 The name of the recipient of the award will be kept a closely guarded secret until the actual day  it is awarded, but keep an eye out on the Link’s Facebook page or website in September, or in  the October issue of the magazine to find out who won.

 This is your chance to say thank you. Make your nomination count.

 The Editor

 Highworth’s Citizen of the Year Award is offered by Highworth Link and Highworth  Church Together.

If you know someone who is active in their community, or makes  their community a better place to live and deserves recognition for their efforts, you  can nominate them for the award.

Anyone resident in Highworth or the surrounding villages is eligible.

The winner, to  be determined by a joint committee of Highworth Link and Inter-Church Committee  members, will receive an award of £50. The committee’s decision will be final.

All entries must be received by The Lighthouse Bookshop, High Street, by 30th June.

Please use our ‘Contacts Us’ page

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Citizen of The Year

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